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Display stands

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Exhibition stands

we care about brands in stores

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POS Materials

we care about brands in stores

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Promo gifts

we care about brands in stores

We care about the brands at stores.

Under conditions of a tough competition for consumers’ choice, the role of the “last meter” in-store promotion is on the rise. According to the market research findings, more than 60% of buyers make their choice just in the shop. Solutions for shop decoration help to attract customers’ attention to the product location area and motivate them to purchase products or advertised services.

Display stands and POS-solutions are important marketing tools, which affect buyers’ choice right at the product shelf.

Properly applied in-store advertising may become a powerful instrument for attracting and retention of the customers. It creates a positive image of the product, stimulates interest, highlights its individual properties and explains its necessity to the consumer. Furthermore, this type of advertising represents probably the last and best chance for the advertiser to influence the buyer and prompt or remind him or her to buy the product of its brand.

Displays and stands are larger constructions having the same functions as the POS materials. Their characteristics are the size, better visibility and more efficient interaction with the buyer at the points of sale. The displays’ capacity allows placement of a wider product assortment or serves as promotion tool for special product or series of products. The permanent stand is a broader concept, but its main distinguishing feature is the placement of broader range of information about a product or service (text, visual display, sound, video presentations and even an interactive system).

These constructions may be both of a standard design (for large circulations) or exclusive ones (created for a specific campaign or promotion location).

The stages of the services we provide may be shown in a simplified form as the following steps:

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Our company has its own resources for development and design of POS-materials as well as our own production capacities. We pay special attention to innovations and ecological issues during the process of design and manufacturing of the products for our clients. We continually develop new types of displays and search for new shapes, materials, structures and devices.

Thanks to application of the innovative and customer oriented approach, our team of professionals guarantees the high quality performance of orders of any complexity.